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North Shore Lawnsprinkler is a premier provider of custom underground sprinkler systems. We design, install and maintain efficient sprinkler systems that help your property maintain a beautiful appeal throughout the seasons. As a single-source irrigation specialist, we have the experience and equipment needed to quickly install comprehensive irrigation systems without damaging your landscaping or lawn. We offer competitive rates and comprehensive irrigation services to both commercial and residential locations.

Whether you are watering your business property, personal lawn or your home garden, our lawn sprinkler systems will allow you to eliminate the need for bulky hoses and ineffective sprinklers. Our systems deliver the right amount of water to your lawn or garden, so you will not have to worry about over-watering or under-watering your plants and landscape. At the push of a button, you’ll be able to easily maintain your lawn and garden. Because of our combined expertise and knowledge of the industry, we are able to service all brands and models of lawn sprinklers and sprinkler systems, and we carry a variety of replacement parts on our fleet vehicles.

In addition to our industry-leading irrigation services, we also provide customized landscape lighting solutions for your landscape and walkways to complement your home and provide an inviting, secure level of visibility during the evening hours. Whether you are seeking to update your existing landscape lighting or install a new lighting system, North Shore Lawnsprinkler will work with you to create a personalized lighting solution for your home. With solutions ranging from path lighting and spotlighting to backlighting and down-lighting, we will help you identify a landscape lighting system that adds ambiance and security to your outdoor environment.

Each fall season, we also provide extensive winterization services to increase the functionality and reliability of your sprinkler systems. Scheduling your winterization early ensures that your system is protected against early freezes, which can cause pipes to burst. North Shore Lawnsprinkler’s maintenance professionals have years of experience working with local residences, large estates and commercial properties, and will be able to inform clients of the requirements for each specific system.

We also offer a variety of seasonal services including start-up and winterization of your irrigation systems. Each spring we open and test approximately 3000 sprinkler systems and each fall we shut down and winterize approximately the same amount. During the summer months we offer a service called a "midseason check-up". This "check-up" is best related to a start-up. We walk through each zone and test the functionality of each head. We then ensure that there are no leaks and that the timer is set correctly for the weather at that time of year. This service is best suited for those who have a busy schedule and want the peace of mind in knowing that their system is functioning properly.

For your convenience office staff has been trained to assist you over the phone. We understand that many problems such as adjusting a head or reprogramming a timer can be solved over the phone and we would like for you to give us a try.

For more information regarding how North Shore Lawnsprinkler can help properly light or irrigate your home or office landscaping, call us at 847-433-6301.

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